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Canada Celebrates the Star Spangled Spectacular

Baltimore 1814 was the scene of one the most important battles in the War of 1812. Read more.

Canada Day in Washington, D.C.

Canada Day at the Embassy of Canada!

Tegan and Sara at the Embassy of Canada

On May 21st 2014, 94.7 Fresh FM and the Embassy of Canada co-hosted a concert by indie/rock Canadian duo Tegan and Sara.

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Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC

Every spring, the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. turns pink and white as the cherry blossom trees reach full bloom. Flickr.

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  • Fifth Anniversary of the Earthquake in Haiti

    On the fifth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, we pause to remember all those who died or were injured in the January 2010 event. Canada wants all who were affected to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them on this day.

    We wish to acknowledge the incredible resilience and perseverance that Haiti’s people have shown in the face of such tragedy. While challenges remain, vital infrastructure and national institutions are being rebuilt, and living conditions are improving. We also take this opportunity to thank all the Canadians that have contributed in many ways to help Haiti recover.

    Our government has recently re-confirmed Haiti as a country of focus for our development cooperation. Canadians and Haitians alike want to see a Haiti that is stable and prosperous and where there are opportunities for all. Our ongoing engagement in Haiti will be anchored in mutual accountability and greater aid coordination to ensure all citizens can benefit from stable and sustainable economic growth.

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  • Stanley Cup at the Embassy of Canada

    On December 31, 2014, Ambassador Doer and the Hockey Hall of Fame hosted a Meet the Stanley Cup reception for the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Club and the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club.  The Hockey Hall of Fame was in town with The Cup and other exhibits for the NHL’s Bridgestone Winter Classic.  The USA Warriors Ice Hockey Club were fresh off the Winter Classic ice at Nationals Park and all our guests warmed up with Tim Horton’s hot cocoa and enjoyed a rare opportunity to take their photos with The Cup, all while watching Team Canada play Team USA at the World Juniors.

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  • Nearly 9 million U.S. jobs depend on trade & investment with Canada

    What if the world’s largest trading relationship between Canada and the United States ceased?  What would happen to the millions of U.S. jobs that depend on trade and investment with Canada?  Using this economic model, Victoria University Professor Peter Dixon recently released a study that examines the impacts on jobs in the United States if trade with Canada stopped.  The study concludes that close to 9 million jobs in the United States, in every state and congressional district, are supported through trade and investment with Canada. Read the complete study at http://www.copsmodels.com/pdf/canada_trade_2013.pdf
    (English only).

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