Building Global Alliances

Global challenges require global solutions, and U.S.-Canada cooperation has never been more important to ensure that multilateral institutions address today’s realities.

Both countries affirm their shared commitment to address global challenges through multilateral institutions, including the United Nations, G7 and G20, the World Trade Organization (WTO), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the Five Eyes community.

Did you know?

Together, the U.S. and Canada are members of over 11 multilateral organizations to address today’s most pressing global challenges.

Here are some action items on how the U.S. and Canada plan to create a network of global allies in the world stage.

  • Revive the North American Leaders’ Summit as a recommitment of solidarity between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Promote democracy, human rights, and media freedom in our hemisphere and around the world.
  • Closely align our approaches to China, to address the challenges it presents to our collective interest and to the international rules-based order.
  • Address the global migration crisis by providing safe haven to refugees and asylum seekers, and strengthen efforts in these areas, including refugee resettlement.