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A Trillion Dollar Trade and Investment Partnership

For over 150 years, Canada has been more than just a great neighbour to the United States – we’re the U.S.’s best customer, closest security partner, and largest supplier of energy. Beyond our common North American geography, we share values and interests, and deep connections with powerful, multi-layered economic ties.

Canada is the largest customer for the majority of states and is the United States’ top export market, with nearly $1.3 trillion worth of bilateral trade in goods and services in 2022.

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Canadian P3 Expertise Helping Build Future of Public Education in Maryland

Canada and the U.S. work together in so many areas – border cooperation, climate change and energy, global security, and trade and prosperity, to name but a few. But beyond the high-profile issues which grab most of the headlines – especially in the era of COVID19 – are examples of collaboration which are helping to […]

April 7, 2021