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Canadian Events in the U.S. – Virtual

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May 11, 2020

While we are at home right now practicing social distancing, many Canadian events across the U.S. have moved online!  Check back often for new events and be sure to mark your calendar!


Title – Marching Together Towards Equality: LGBTQ2+: Shaping the Future of Diplomacy

Date – Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Time – 4 PM EST


The Québec Government Office in Boston and the Consulate General of Canada in Boston, in partnership with MassEquality, are hosting a webinar, the final in a 3 part series. It will discuss the important work done by Canada, the United States, subnational governments, and NGOs in advocating on behalf of LGBTQ2+ people around the world.  In this conversation we will also hear firsthand from LGBTQ2+ diplomats on their experience serving abroad and advancing LGBTQ2+ rights internationally.  With an eye towards the future, panelists will share their thoughts on the current state of LGBTQ2+ rights globally, and how the practice of LGBTQ2+ diplomacy will shift in the coming years.

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Stewart Wheeler, Chief of Protocol of Canada

Jean-François Hould, Director, Québec Office in Washington D.C.

Mark Bromley, Council Chair, Council for Global Equality

Alexandra Chandler, Policy Advocate, Protect Democracy and Career Intel Analyst


Mary Yntema, President and CEO, WorldBoston