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Canada is Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

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January 24, 2020

Through the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, Canada is taking dramatic action to address climate change and transition to a clean-growth, net-zero economy by 2050. This means all energy resources from Canada – America’s largest and most secure source of energy imports – are produced and regulated under one of the world’s strongest environmental frameworks.

Canada’s approach has four complementary pillars:

  1. Carbon Pricing: Across Canada, ever province and territory will have a minimum $30 per tonne price on carbon emissions from fuel consumption that is “paid at the pump.” Industrial facilities that are “major emiters” are able to buy and sell credits to help meet their reduction targets.
  2. Reducing Emissions: We are pursuing regulations and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including cutting methane emissions, phasing out coal-fired electricity generation, and more.
  3. Adaptation & Resilience: The Government of Canada is investing $1.5 billion to help at-risk communities better manage climate-related disasters. The Government also now considers climate change when making federal policy, and is integrating climate resiliency into infrastructure projects.
  4. Innovation & Clean Technology: We are investing $22 billion in green infrastructure, providing $2.5 billion to support our clean technology industry, and launching a Clean Growth Hub to guide companies and citizens to opportunities in this sector

In addition to the steps we are taking at home, Canada is combatting climate change and advancing clean technology on the global stage.

Read our new fact sheet to learn more.

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