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Meet Canada’s first Ambassador for Women, Peace, and Security

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August 7, 2019

Canada’s first ever Ambassador for Women, Peace, and Security, Jacqueline O’Neill, is responsible for advancing Canada’s feminist foreign policy by working with global partners to meaningfully include women and girls in development, humanitarian, conflict prevention and resolution initiatives. The Prime Minister explained the rationale for this position in a statement, “When women play an active role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and when their rights are respected, we are better able to achieve long-term, sustainable peace.”

Before leaving Washington for Ottawa, Ambassador O’Neill talked to us about her new role. She was clear Canada has long been a leader when it comes to supporting the role women play in ending war, in preventing war, and in rebuilding after conflict.  But, as she notes: every country has something to learn and something to teach.

Watch her video:

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