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  • Pop-Up Canada! in Pittsburgh: April 7-11

    Pop-Up Canada! is an unprecedented initiative by the Canadian Consulate to promote business interests, energy dialogue, tourism and expand our network of contacts in western Pennsylvania. Pop-up is a temporary space in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh where we will showcase the best of Canada-Pennsylvania to highlight the mutual benefits of our considerable trade relationship and promote deeper economic integration. Key themes at Pop-Up Canada! will include energy, trade and security: the three pillars of cooperation between Canada and Pennsylvania.

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  • Skating 101 - Skating, snacks, and fun with J.C. Nalle Elementary School

    On February 28, 2014, the Canadian Embassy in Washington staff joined a fifth grade class from J.C. Nalle Elementary School for a day of skating, Canadian snacks, and fun.

    This trip was part of the Embassy Adoption Program, which is a global education initiative that pairs embassies with local grade five and six classes. The program aims to connect Embassy staff directly with community members and encourages giving back to the local community. Additionally, it provides a way for students to learn about Canadian culture, activities, and customs.

    This year’s event was held at Fort Dupont Ice Arena as part of their Kids on Ice program. This program provides children from ages five to 18 with free ice time, skating lessons, and all the required equipment. The day started with some off-ice instruction, followed by on-ice drills, and ended with a free skate. Embassy staff used their own skating expertise to help the fifth graders learn basic skills, get comfortable on the ice, and even provided simple hockey lessons.

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